2021 K-Champ Open Bridge Recruitment period information

Call for Startup

~ 2021. 09. 12.

Program Overview

BMW Startup Garage introduction

BMW Startup Garage introduction

The BMW Startup Garage is the Venture Client unit of the BMW Group. As a Venture Client, the BMW Group becomes a client of a startup, at an early stage when its product, service or technology is not yet mature. In comparison to Venture Capital, we purchase a first unit of a startup’s product, service or technology, not its equity. Participation into our program is a startup’s first step to succeed in the global, multi trillion dollar automotive industry. It consist of a no-strings-attached partnership to integrate and validate a startup’s product, service or technology in BMW Group vehicles as well as to network entrepreneurs with top automotive engineers and managers.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges


BMW Korea needs a simple workflow-oriented solution for authority communication and documentation that allows tasks to be handed over to different people and to keep track of the progress to comply with delivery deadlines, as these are subject to significant penalties.

Bring Business Insight using Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

BMW Korea has various data sources from sales, aftersales (customer support), marketing, etc and it is being accumulated and becoming a large data set. To increase utilization and business insight (increase sales, loyalty, maximize customer satisfaction) of all the data we are accumulating, we need to have an efficient big data analytics solutions, tools or methods.

Fleet Management & Monitoring

BMW Korea is working on its DMS NEXT project, which is re-engineering the whole dealer sales management system. To enhance the test-drive process which is one of legendary moments of the customer
experience, we need a solution for monitoring the demo cars’ status
(pick-up, return, schedule, location)
on real-time basis. In the end, this solution should be connected to DMS NEXT via an API.

Marketing Trend
Analysis &
Brand Management

BMW Korea is looking for a brand
and marketing campaign solution
that can provide :
- Target group & market analysis
- Activity recommendation &
- Brand monitoring

Automated Mobile App Testing

Having a test system for the myBMW App (iOS/Android) with a swarm of automated app-instances simulating customer behavior for new or existing functions for (a) testing new functionality prior to launch and (b) monitoring the productive (=customer) environment regarding any faults.

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